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Ludo Gangs

A combat game of strategy and probabilities.

Choose your race and interplanetary Gang, and be the first to reach the goal. Warriors, cards and dice will define your victory.

The Game

LUDO GANGS is a game of strategy and probabilities. Two players face each other to move forward and fight in a battlefield shaped like a Ludo board, they must select 4 warriors from an interplanetary Gang, each warrior belongs to a particular class. In each turn the player will obtain a card with special attributes that can be used for the benefit of the team or against the enemy, and a die to advance on the board, the warrior's class has a significant influence on obtaining a type of card. The winner is the first one to reach the finish line.




They are the humans who fled Earth in the year 2121 during the End of the World and colonized the largest moon of Saturn: Titan. Only 1% of the population were able to make the long journey and, the new colony prospered as a society, gangs were formed as a result of social differences. These gangs use human technology.



They are zoo-anthropomorphic beings that were probably born of genetic modification of humans and animals. According to legend, they were guided by a great leader and were able to repopulate planet Earth when the human race became extinct. They posses animal skills, and mystical powers. They use weapons and also found ancient technology.



It is an extraterrestrial race, they use dark energy portals to go through space looking to collect cellular material from other races to improve their hive gene pool and avoid death of new larvae warriors from endogamous genetic degradation. Their appearance is insectoid and they have psychic powers and solid energy weapons.

Gangs and Warriors

Hard Metal Koas
Wild Roho
Race Logo Ludo Gangs
Gang Logo Ludo Gangs

This gang was formed with orphaned children trying to survive. They were taken in by an old man named Koa. As they grew up they specialized in various forms of, now they assault the convoys of the wealthy families and take what they need. In the last robbery they managed to capture an interplanetary ship and have decided to break the taboo and return to the planet of origin, Earth.

Select color:

Crazy Tr41n Warrior Ludo Gangs
Win73rborn Warrior Ludo Gangs
Scar Ti55ue Warrior Ludo Gangs
Mr. Robo77o Warrior Ludo Gangs


The warriors of all races and also the cards belong to some of the following particular class.

classes_attack (Race)

Reduce health or kill opponents.

classes_healing (Race)

Recover team health

classes_rush (Race)

Allows the team to move faster and go through obstacles.

classes_paralyze (Race)

Paralyze opponents and block their shelters.

classes_shield (Race)

Create defenses for the team so that the team is not affected

classes_sacrifice (Race)

Make self-sacrifices in order to benefit the rest of the team.

classes_special (Race)

Gives special buffs to the team and debuffs to opponents

classes_bizarre (Race)

(Only cards) Give peculiar attributes to the warriors.


Cards grant special powers to advantage your Gang or harm your opponent. Here we show you some of the 40 cards:

Back Card Ludo Gangs
Liquid Nitro Bomb Card Ludo Gangs
Back Card Ludo Gangs
Lucky Day Card Ludo Gangs
Back Card Ludo Gangs
Frantic Shooting Card Ludo Gangs
Back Card Ludo Gangs
Regenerate Card Ludo Gangs
Back Card Ludo Gangs
Sudden Death Card Ludo Gangs

Card Ludo Gangs
Back Card Ludo Gangs


Nazca desert Battlefield Ludo Gangs
Nazca desert
Mayan Jungle Battlefield Ludo Gangs
Mayan Jungle
Toxic City Battlefield Ludo Gangs
Toxic City


Interface 1 Ludo Gangs
Interface 2 Ludo Gangs
Interface 3 Ludo Gangs
Interface 4 Ludo Gangs

Game Modes

Campaign Game Mode Ludo Gangs
Versus AI Game Mode Ludo Gangs
Versus AI
Ranked Game Mode Ludo Gangs
Bet Game Mode Ludo Gangs
Friendly Game Mode Ludo Gangs
Private Game Mode Ludo Gangs
Dice Ludo Gangs


It allows gang warriors to advance in the board, in each turn the player will obtain a random value. Pick a super cool dice to show it off to your opponent.


They are the currency of Ludo Gangs. You can accumulate them in various ways in the game, especially by winning matches. These are:

  • Zaps. Zinc batteries that are used to purchase lucky chests
  • Nukes: uranium batteries that are used to acquire most game items
  • Quants. Quantum batteries that are used to purchase exclusive game items
Batteries Ludo Gangs

Ranking Medals

There are different ranking medals, only the best players can hold the highest medals. Each end of season players will be awarded according to the medal achieved.

Black Diamond Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs

Black Diamond

Diamond Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs


Ruby Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs


Sapphire Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs


Emerald Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs


Pearl Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs


Quartz Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs


Stone Ranking Medal Ludo Gangs


The Story


Read The Story Here

"Savage hunters from beyond starts will arrive with the purpose of devour everything. An unstoppable dark power. The war between gangs will be inevitable. Fight proud, fight strong, our fate depends on your ax and your arrows" - Shaman Bundi

In the year 2121, after the Third World War, humanity was at eminent risk of extinction on Earth due to the destruction of the environment caused by the biological bombs dropped in many countries. The planet would be uninhabitable, so 1% of the population, the wealthy ones and the elite specialists chosen by them, set on a journey to colonize Titan, one of the moons of Jupiter, which was perfect for terraformation. This was the beginning of the colonists.

On Titan, due to the social and economical unfair situations gangs arise, some are sponsored by the Titan Government and others are outlaws, one of latter is the Hard Metal Koas. They protect the Junkyard area while they make incursions into the areas of high society to steal their resources, their greatest feat was the theft of a spaceship. Cornered by the Capital Army and hungry for adventure, they decided to break the taboo and return to planet Earth, becoming the first Colonists to return to Earth after 400 years.

Earth is now populated by a race of zoo-anthropomorphic beings that call themselves Animus. Some legends tell that after the War of the End of The World, one brave genius geneticist named Dr. Warlock performed his science in the remaining humans giving them animal skills that would make them stronger and able to live in the devastated planet. Some other legends tell it was Mother Earth that evolved her animal children to save them from extinction while all humans were left to perish. Nobody knows for sure. In this new era Animus have thrived and now populate the non toxic areas of the planet.

After a rough depart from Titan and a perilous journey The Hard Metal Koas' spaceship crashed on planet Earth, the soft terrain of the savanna saved the whole crew that saw marveled this wondrous legendary planet. The Animus Shaman of the Wild Roho gang warned about the evil intruders that will come from far stars. Animus warriors tracked the Colonists in the savanna and got ready to engage in battle.They are certain these intruders are the menace foretold by Shaman Bundi.

The encounter was inevitable and both gangs, Hard Metal Koas and Wild Hohos, saw each other with caution and disbelief, in that moment the air turned dark and a purple mist formed. A hexagonal energy portal opened right in front of their eyes, from the portal a race never seen in this galaxy emerged, the Elvenors.

Dark shining armors, weapons of solid light, hunters of the Elvenor hive, they are the Venators gang. They have their last chance to find preys and collect cellular material to add to the Elvenor gene pool so they can avoid the death of the new larvae warriors that are in danger of decaying due to the endogamous genetic degradation.

The Wild Roho warriors sense the animosity and danger the Venators emanate, Hard Metal Koas are aware they can’t escape and will have to fight for their lives against any and all foes. Many will perish, but every warrior of these three races is ready to kill or be killed. The most epic battle among these gangs is about to begin.


Feature ENTERTAINING Ludo Gangs


Feature CAPTIVATING Ludo Gangs


Feature CHALLENGING Ludo Gangs


Planned Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Steam
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