Koa Studios Logo

We are a Peruvian company from Cusco, Dedicated to the field of video game development and other entertainment projects; we have a team of talented professionals with skills and experience to carry out projects of international stature, which we work with great passion.


Create videogames in order to provide to our users moments of fun, de-stress and challenge. Develop healthy entertainment projects, pondering creativity, quality and innovation.


Be a company recognized nationally and internationally for the quality and acceptance of our video games and other projects.


  • Passion
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Ambition
  • Perfectionism
  • Honesty
  • Cooperation
  • Professionalism
  • Happiness

The Team

  • Naisser Arias (Koa Studios Team)

    Naisser Arias


    I am a Systems Engineer and MBA. I ranked first at my university, where I won several programming competitions. I have 10 years of experience, I have directed and developed important Software, Website and Application projects in companies that I have founded: Arias Corp., Inka Devs, NWDS and now videogames with Koa Studios, directing and developing LUDO GANGS is a motivator challenge for me.

    Fabricio RivasMar (Koa Studios Team)

    Fabricio RivasMar


    I am a comics artist, illustrator, visual artist and educator. I am the art director of the Koa Studios, editor and co-director of the group of comics artists from Cusco, Qosqomic, and co-creator of the comic Zonk! Comics for the Classroom. I have been invited to the San Diego Comic Con, U.S. the International Artist Meeting, in Tokyo Japan, among others. I publish my comics with Ediciones Altazor, Ediciones Qosqomic, the Bogotá & Venganza anthology, and online Graphite comics.

    Josseph Arias (Koa Studios Team)

    Josseph Arias


    I am a Graphic Designer, Community Manager and I am fond of photography, I have created and designed characters, comics and games since I was a child, I have 5 years of experience as a graphic designer and now I am dedicated to video game design, I have played various strategy and skill videogames at the competitive level obtaining outstanding results.

    Dante Alvarez (Koa Studios Team)

    Dante Alvarez


    I am a Bachelor of Systems and Informatics Engineering, I ranked first in my University. I have been dedicated to programming for more than 4 years, I like to learn new technologies, tools and languages. I work on projects for small and large companies, startups, government institutions, and especially with Koa Studios developing LUDO GANGS, because I am also a video game lover.